Parker Street Soap Co began in 2016 in a makeshift studio in the attic of an old East Vancouver heritage home on Parker Street.

As a new mom of two, I was determined to carve out a space for myself to create in. I stood staring at the pedestal sink in the corner of our attic and imagined, then created a space you could only loosely call a soap studio. That little corner with its slanted ceilings and tiny windows became a haven where I could experiment, fail and then eventually succeed at creating the first few batches of shelf worthy soap. 

Developing self care products opened up a whole world of exploration for me. I dove headfirst into studying aromatherapy. I researched methods of using natural sources to create vibrant colors and the skin care benefits of using mineral clays, charcoal and medicinal plants. It was an obsession. 

After two years of creating and experimenting, I was beginning to feel like a legitimate soap maker. I knew I was ready for a real live production studio. (And I was getting a little tired of crouching under those low attic ceilings anyway...)
Moving in to my new studio felt both terrifying and exhilarating. But now, it feels a lot like that same "haven" I found in the old attic. A space I can create, free of distractions. Where I can get lost for hours in the process. It's in this soap studio that I make every bar of Parker Street Soap just as lovingly as I did in those first few months of creating. I hope it comes through in the product you hold in your hands.