Parker Street Soap Co. began in 2016 in a makeshift studio in the attic of an old East Vancouver heritage home on Parker Street.

That little corner studio with its slanted ceilings and tiny windows became a haven of experimentation, some failures and then eventually success at creating the first few batches of shelf-worthy soap. The studio moved to Galiano Island shortly thereafter thriving as a community staple for a number of years.

In 2021 the company transitioned ownership and moved back to East Van, setting up shop in a small attic studio once again – a return to its roots.

Developing self-care products has opened up a whole new world of exploration. Combining all-natural ingredients with the benefits of essential oils, mineral clays, plants and herbs, along with their ability to create vibrant colours and textures, provides endless creative possibilities. Sourcing recyclable packaging and sustainable ingredients tops off the priorities of this humble business.

Taking over Parker Street Soap Co. felt both daunting and exhilarating. It has been a challenging adventure, but I have found a space where I can create and get lost for hours in the process. It's in my small soap studio that I make every Parker Street product with love by hand. I hope it comes through in the finished product you hold in your hands.

Meagan Kus